Due to life stuff, we have suspended our online shop. We hope this will be a temporary situation and will come back with a whole new look and attitude. Fret not, all current orders will still be shipped as normal. Thanks for your understanding and hope to see you soon!


e positive Around the World

We would like to take time out to thank our international customers! e positive designs is proud to have sold items to the following countries:

United Kingdom
The Netherlands

...and of course, the good ol' US of A!

(Hey - South America - you're slacking!) ;)



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Pocket Full of Posies

New collection!

Our "Pocket Full of Posies" collection features our new craft alchemy process that turns paper into 'pleather'... making it strong, durable and finely textured while keeping the fun and color of paper.


Fields of Gold Treasure Boxes

Available now!


Pimp My Crafts: maryink

Welcome to our second edition of "Pimp My Crafts". This time we are going to delve into the wonderful, yet vast world of screen printing... because let's face, if you don't enjoy a good t-shirt, you are probably an alien robot here to take over the planet.

But I digress.

One of the not-so-nice things about screen printing is that there is a LOT of it out there. It seems every chain store in America sells t-shirts with witty designs and slogans. Of course, these shirts were probably made by small Cambodian children in a paint fume filled sweatshop.

Enter the independent screen printer. Far from their mass producing counterparts, the best indie screen printers are also the artists behind the designs, and work with each piece like an individual masterpiece. Screen printers are much like tattoo artists, carefully selecting the inks that will best compliment the designs against the tones and textures beneath.

Okay, so maybe I over analyze the whole thing.

But it's because of that scrutiny that's brought me fall in love with Etsy shop maryink.

Designers Mary and Chris make t-shirts that all other t-shirts should aspire to be. They use one of the softest clothing lines on the market, selecting fresh colors and styles to pair up with their whimsical and unusual designs. Instead of assaulting you with logos and trends, maryink has defined its style with a look that is classic, soft, and feminine. And each piece is made by hand, soaking in the blood, sweat, and tears of real craftspeople. OK, not really. You have to pay extra for that. (Ha! I slay me!) All the pieces (I own several myself) are very high quality and hold up well to normal wash and wear.

maryink's eye for design also extends beyond t-shirts. You can now bring the cheerfulness of their designs home with aprons, tote bags, and my personal favorite... the votive holders!

But wait! There's more! Looking for something a little more manly? Try Chris' Black Ink Item. Or maybe some earrings to match that fabulous new tee? Try Mary's other shop, Made by Mary for stunning and exotic jewelry pieces.

Beautiful, well made products that truly stand out against the crowd. Seriously, mad design skills, these two. Look out - they just might take over the world. Even though I'm pretty sure they're not alien robots.

Buy handmade - it makes the world a better place!


PromoMobile Update

I would like to introduce to the first inductees into the PromoMobile Project:

Beadiful Things features many wonderful handmade jewelry pieces

...and Daisycakes Soap will get you squeaky clean with their natural olive oil soap...



Pimp My Crafts: Hate Mail

Inspired by Etsy's shout outs in their blog, and because we're not just crafty makers, but crafty shoppers, we're going to be featuring other crafty sellers who we think are fabu.

The first seller we've decided to pimp is Hate Mail Greetings. We at e positive designs are not haters, but we appreciate a wicked sense of humor. With options like "be more like your sister", "you park like an idiot", and "nice parenting skills, jackass", the possibilities seem endless. Pair these devilish bits of nastiness with the beautiful script work, printing and paper worthy of wedding invititaions, Hallmark's got nothing on this chick!

And since designer Carol Lee puts all her "hate" into her designs, she has nothing but love for her customers. She offers "anonymous hate mail" (no fingerprints!), bulk/wholesale orders and is always down for neat custom ideas.

Yeah, it's a love/hate thing.